Supersonic speed with all-system scans in
under 60 seconds.

Bosch 525 ADSX
  • Quick-Scan powers all-systems DTC scans that clock in at an average of under 60 seconds
  • All-new Android 9OS+ software and redesigned VCI hardware
  • Complete pre- and post-scan reporting
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Flex your diagnostic muscle.

Bosch 525 ADSX
  • Enhance your software subscriptions for what you need most
  • 14 hours of uninterrupted battery life
  • Enjoy the freedom of a wireless VCI
  • Add accessories effortlessly
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See through security firewalls and access
OE-level vehicle coverage.

Bosch 525 ADSX
  • 100% OE-approved for secure vehicle access
  • Fix the most vehicles with OE-level vehicle coverage
  • Outstanding visibility indoors and in bright sunlight
  • J2534-Compliant VCI
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DiaX Software on the ADS 525X

The most powerful software ever provided and more flexible than ever before.

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