Battery and Electrical

Battery and Electrical

BAT 155 Heavy Duty Battery Tester

Heavy Duty Battery Tester

BAT 155

Advanced heavy duty battery & electrical system tester designed for the commercial vehicle industry.

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BAT 35 Vehicle Computer Memory Saver

Vehicle Computer Memory Saver

BAT 35

The BAT 35 Vehicle Memory Saver is a battery and electrical system service tool to "keep alive" vehicle electronics memory based systems.

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Looking for Bosch batteries or spark plugs?

Looking for Bosch batteries or spark plugs?

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BAT 120 Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester

Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester

BAT 120

The BAT 120 is a wireless battery and starting/charging system tester used with the Bosch ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic tools.

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BAT 135 Battery Tester With Integrated Printer

Battery Tester With Integrated Printer

BAT 135

The BAT 135 battery tester with integrated printer tests 6V and 12V batteries from 40 - 2,000 CCA

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VET 100 Circuit Analysis Tool

Circuit Analysis Tool

VET 100

The Bosch VET 100 Circuit Analysis Tool is perfect for data stream analysis using your scan tool.

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MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter

Hybrid Multimeter

MMD 540H

The Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter is a CAT III safety rated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for automotive diagnostics and electrical troubleshooting

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FIX 78241 Coiled Circuit Tester

Coiled Circuit Tester

FIX 7841

This compact, ergonomically designed coil cord circuit tester helps to quickly locate hot circuits

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FIX 7853 Remote Starter Switch

Remote Starter Switch

FIX 7853

Allows one person to start or crank the engine from under the hood

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FSA 050 Hybrid Insulation Tester

Hybrid Insulation Tester

FSA 050

As a stand-alone solution, the FSA 050 offers insulation and high-voltage testing for electric and hybrid drives quickly, displaying test measurements in the dual-digital display.

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FIX 7677 Professional Multimeter

Professional Multimeter

FIX 7677

Bosch's FIX 7677 professional level meter is a highly versatile tool that performs all standard and automotive specific electrical tests for on-car and on-bench troubleshooting.

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