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The SCT 815 S3 is a Millimeter Wave Radar Tool for calibration of Honda, Nissan and Toyota radar system. It is built with a plastic and fiberglass frame to avoid errant radar reflections during calibration. 

Using the included center line laser, the SCT 815 S3 can be quickly and efficiently positioned with the help of the Bosch GLM 400CL distance measurement laser and the ADAS guided tour on the ADS 625X scan tools equipped with static ADAS coverage. The Bosch ADS 625X, ADAS software and Bosch GLM400CL distance laser are all sold separately. 


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Laser centering
Efficient set-up procedures
Plastic and fiberglass design reduces improper radar reflections
Kit Contents
SCT 815 stand
Millimeter Wave Radar Cone
Green centerline laser


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click to download this image