ADS 625 12-Month Diagnostics + Static ADAS Subscription

  • 3970-ADAS2-SUB

ADS 625 12-Month Diagnostics + Static ADAS Subscription


The 3970-ADAS2-SUB is a 12-month software subscription for Diagnostics and Static ADAS coverage for the Bosch ADS 625 and 625X:

  • New Diagnostic coverage updates for Domestic, Asian, and European brands
  • New Static ADAS Calibration coverage updates for Domestic, Asian and European brands
  • Access Repair-Source, the comprehensive library of OE service and repair information
    • Saves users money - included in standard software subscription
    • No searching repair and info sites - pulls vehicle specific information on your tool
    • Freedom - access information anywhere your tool goes
  • Full Color Wiring Diagrams
  • Maintain a lifetime warranty on your Bosch ADS Diagnostic Solution by keeping your software subscription current, without lapsing
  • Access Code-Assist on-tool confirmed fixes, and many more powerful diagnostic features for the Bosch ADS Diagnostic Solution
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Includes full access to all Domestic/Asian/European coverage additions for 12 months
Includes full access to new Static ADAS calibrations for 12 months
Continue access to Repair-Source - OEM service and repair information database
Continue access to Full Color Wiring Diagrams
Updates to Code-Assist - access millions of confirmed fixes powered by Identifix
Continuous software upgrades and software enhancements
Extend and continue ADS 625 lifetime hardware warranty*
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