ADAS Master Recalibration Solution

  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1
  • DAS3000-1

ADAS Master Recalibration Solution


The DAS3000-1 ADAS Recalibration System is a complete solution that enables shops to recalibrate vehicle camera and radar systems with confidence, speed, efficiency, precision and a vision for the future.

  • DAS 3000 Recalibration fixture precisely holds the radar reflector and camera targets for sensor recalibration. 
    • Robust camera targets with integrated storage box makes finding the proper target easy and helps maintain the integrity and serviceability of the targets. Conveniently stored in the calibration unit keeps your work area organized.
    • Innovative, dual purpose VW camera board is also a Universal OEM radar reflector, a specially designed target board for calibrating both radar systems as well as Volkswagen cameras
    • State-of-the-art distance and wheel hub thrust angle alignment markers are used by the systems guided instruction to efficiently direct the user to place and align the fixture to the vehicle for the most accurate calibration
  • Surround view floor mat targets support multiple OEM’s
  • Leading edge Bosch ADAS Positioning System (BAP) utilizes technology and industrial-grade vision sensors to measure the distance and angles of the fixture, in relation to the vehicle, providing the most precise measurements ensuring the exact target positioning required for the most accurate calibration.
  • SCT 815 Radar Reflector: Universal OEM cone reflector target and carrier for calibration of front, corner and rear radar sensors. Laser technology helps to align the SCT 815 for precise and effective calibration. Constructed with fiberglass material to avoid false and improper radar calibration, carrier designed to connect future targets and alignment technologies. Suited for Kia, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota / Lexus and Honda vehicle recalibrations.
  • ADS 625X with ADAS Recalibration Software Package: Control the vehicle specific calibration and adjustment procedures with guided instruction
  • The guided instructions walks users through commonized, simplified recalibration procedures including setting up the fixture, target selections and sensor recalibration compatible with the unique requirements of OEM makes and models. These commonized procedures reduce the number to a fraction of OE set-up variations and the complexity of ADAS recalibrations
  • The DAS 3000 is designed to be upgradable to accommodate future sensor calibration technologies, enabling shops to take on the challenge of future technologies

Technical Support

12 months of Enhanced ADAS support is included with the DAS 3000-1 Master Kit. The DAS 3000 has been designed with the technician in mind and is incredibly easy to use. However, we know that even the best of us get stumped once in a while. That is why the DAS 3000-1 includes a full 12 months of Enhanced ADAS Support from our professionally-trained ADAS technical support team. Our technical support team can answer questions, troubleshoot and assist virtually with issues relating to ADAS calibrations. The Enhanced ADAS Support can be extended for an additional 12 month. Even without the Enhanced ADAS Support package, our technical support team will still be available to advise and help with questions related to the scan tool and the DAS 3000 hardware. However, the Enhanced ADAS Support goes beyond just the scan tool. Our ADAS team can provide remote assistance to troubleshoot ADAS calibration issues and recommend solutions to help get the job done.

The Enhanced ADAS Support team can be reached at: Tel: 1-888-812-3275

Virtual Training Included

Bosch is committed to not only providing the best recalibration equipment, but also helping shops use that equipment to its fullest. With the purchase of the DAS 3000, users can register for virtual training hosted by the Bosch technical training team. This interactive training class is designed to get you started recalibrating ADAS functions using your DAS 3000 ADAS Recalibration System.

The training will include:

  • ADAS Systems and Technology
  • DAS 3000 Overview
  • ADAS Calibration Process
  • Q&A session

Once you have registered your DAS 3000, you will receive a training registration link where you can select your preferred date and time to attend the virtual training event. Training sessions will be recorded and made available for reference.

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Bosch ADAS Positioning (BAP) System
Guided instructions
Includes ADS 625X Diagnostic Scan Tool
Simplified Set-up
Modular, upgrade-able design for future ADAS technologies
This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects.
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Kit Contents
DAS 3000 S20 frame with integrated Bosch ADAS Positioning (BAP) cameras
Dual Purpose radar reflector board with VW camera target
SCT 815 Radar Reflector
Camera target storage box
Universal/Hyundai camera target
Honda #1 camera target
Toyota #1 camera target
Daimler/Infinity #2 camera target
Mazda #1 camera target
Honda #3 camera target
Toyota/Lexus #3 camera target
Hyundai/KIA #3 camera target
Nissan #2 camera target
Universal/Infinity #1 camera target
Mazda #2 camera target
Mitsubishi #1 camera target
GM surround view floor mat target
Ford surround view floor mat target
Honda surround view floor mat target
Mitsubishi surround view floor mat target
Nissan surround view floor mat target
ADS 625X Diagnostic Scan Tool
Tool Kit

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