Video Inspection Scope

  • FIX 7669
  • FIX 7669
  • FIX 7669

Video Inspection Scope

FIX 7669

The video inspection scope goes beyond vehicle inspection and can be used for applications in and outside of the car. View inside door panel or other limited access and poorly lit areas of your vehicle. Save time by not having to remove tire or engine components to inspect, retrieve, move, and help find items in hard to reach, compact spaces.


  • Small 9 mm camera allows for inspection through many spark-plug holes
  • Inspect cylinders, valves, diesel injectors and glow plug ports
  • View behind body panels and under the dashboard for electrical wiring and connections
  • Examine for corrosion and wear in hard-to-see areas
  • Inspect fluid lines for leaks

Included Accessories and Features:

  • Magnet - attach the magnet to the end of camera to find items that may have fallen in the vehicle engine compartment or cylinders. For example, use the magnet to locate and retrieve screws or bolts that fell within the engine compartment and cannot be reached by hand. Locate and retrieve metal particles that may have fallen in the cylinder.
  • Hook Clip - attach the hook clip to the end of camera to retrieve non-magnetic or other small items that may have fallen in the vehicle engine compartment. Move hard to reach wires or cables. Camera helps guide the user to the problem area.
  • Mirror - attach the mirror to the end of the camera to provide right angle views with 180 degree view change option. For example, use the mirror to inspect all angles within a cylinder.
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2.4” color LCD screen
8 levels of LCD contrast control
Power and low battery indicator LED
3 ft. flexible camera tube
9mm waterproof camera
Camera includes 6 levels of LED brightness control
Camera and light all-in-one goes where you need it in dark, tight areas
Kit Contents
Video inspection scope
Hook clip