ESI[truck] Off-Highway Upgrade Cable Kit with Introductory Software License

  • 3824CBL-UPG

ESI[truck] Off-Highway Upgrade Cable Kit with Introductory Software License



  • Now with ELS* (Extended License Subscription)
  • All diagnostic functions continue after subscription expiration**
  • New coverage provided with active subscription
  • Troubleshooting and Repair Software sold separately

* Effective on all contracts renewed or registered August 1, 2021 and thereafter
** Applies to Truck (3824A and 3824-08) and OHW (3824CBL-UPG and 3824-08OHW) Coverage

The 3824CBL-UPG off-highway cable upgrade kit and introductory software allows the 3824 and 3824BSC Bosch ESI[truck] scan tools to scan and diagnose a wide variety of off-highway vehicles and machinery. The off-highway software has extensive coverage for construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, stationary engines, street sweepers and more. The software is easy to use, and its diagnostic capabilities covers vehicle makes, models, and individual systems, including:

  • Manufacturer coverage: Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, Perkins, Volvo, Massey Ferguson, SISU, Deutz, Deutz-Fahr, MTU, and more
  • System coverage: Gearbox, HVAC, engine, steering, hydraulic systems, suspension, electronic modules, antipollution, central computer and more
  • Diagnostic coverage: Manual processes, diagnosis info, measurable values, component actuations, ECU data, parameter IDs (PIDs), calibrations and resets, system technical data, wiring diagrams, vehicle technical data and vehicle maintenance info

The cable and introductory software kit is ideal for:

  • Heavy duty vehicle repair shops
  • Departments of Transportation (DOT) and municipalities
  • Repair facilities for construction machinery, cranes, and more
  • Large construction businesses with several vehicles in use
  • Agricultural vehicle dealerships - who buy and sell various brands of used agricultural equipment
  • Mobile agricultural repair businesses

For use with:

  • Bosch 3824 or 3824BSC ESI[truck] Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tools (not compatible with 3823 or 3823BSC)

Kit includes:

  • 10 different cables for connecting to major North American off-highway vehicles and machinery
  • Carry case
  • Introductory Off-Highway Software license: 
    • Applicable if the user is currently using a 3824 or 3824BSC ESI[truck] Heavy Duty Software license
    • The introductory Off-Highway Software must be registered with Bosch and is valid for the duration of the existing ESI[truck] software license period
    • For example:
      • If the user has one (1) month remaining on their standard 12 month ESI[truck] Heavy Duty Software license, the Off-Highway Software introductory period will last for one (1) month
      • If the user is purchasing a new 3824 or 3824BSC and the 3824CBL-UPG together - then user can register the introductory software for up to 12 months by calling Bosch. The 3824-08OHW Software License card is not needed as long as the user calls Bosch to register the introductory Off-Highway software that comes with the 3824CBL-UPG.
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Extensive coverage for popular North American construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, stationary engines, street sweepers, and more
Advanced diagnostics and bi-directional controls for off-highway vehicles
Easy to use diagnostic software
Useful technical information to aid in diagnosis, maintenance, and repair
Handy carry case for easy transport between vehicles and sites
Kit Contents
10 Cables
Introductory Software Card
Soft bag for cable storage