ESI[truck] HDS 1000 Tablet Upgrade Kit

  • 3824A-TBL

ESI[truck] HDS 1000 Tablet Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your older 3824 Windows 7 tablet with the faster and more responsive HDS1000 tablet. With the 3824A-TBL, 
get all you need to upgrade your out-of-date tablet to the latest 10.1" display with Windows 10. The new 
operating system and additional memory provide an enhanced user experience and response time improvements 
for greater workshop productivity and efficiency. In addition, the new rugged tablet design provides added 
durability in a garage environment.

NOTE: This is only for those customers who originally purchased the 3824 DCU 100 to upgrade to a newer Windows 10 tablet. If you are looking to purchase the latest heavy-duty diagnostic kit with cables and software, see product 3824A ESI[truck]. 


  • HDS1000 10.1" Tablet with Windows 10, 64-bit operating system and additional 2GB memory (4GB total memory) 
  • Soft, durable carrying case for added mobility, protecting your tool between uses, and keeping your kit organized in one easy to manage location
  • Battery Pack with improved time to 100% charge
  • Capacitive touchscreen for ease of use, as well as increased screen contrast and clarity
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Windows 10 Touchscreen Tablet
Rugged Design
10" Capacitive Touchscreen
Ultra-crisp High Resolution
Intel Celeron 64-bit Quad Core Processor
Kit Contents
10" Touchscreen Tablet
Durable Carrying Case
Battery Pack Charger
Quickstart Guide


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