ADS 325 OBD II Cable with Battery Voltage Display

ADS 325 OBD II Cable with Battery Voltage Display


The 3925-01 is an OBD II cable for use with ADS 325 diagnostic scan tool. 

  • 8 ft length
  • DLC connector end includes convenient LED light providing assistance in locating vehicle DLC
  • Scan tool connector end features battery voltage reading directly from OBD pin 16, ensuring proper scan readings. Indicator will display actual battery voltage, "LO" if below 11.8 volts, or "HI" of above 15.5 volts, indicating battery system needs attention.
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8 ft OBD II cable connecting scan tool to vehicle DLC provides plenty of length to use scan tool inside or outside the vehicle
LED light provides assistance in finding vehicle DLC in poor lighting conditions
Battery voltage readout confirms proper voltage ensuring accurate scan data
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